Although breast implants are tough and don’t have an explicit “expiration date,” the devices do become more prone to leakage and rupture as they get older. Eventually, even though the last thing many patients want is to have to have another surgery, someone who chose implants earlier in life might choose to have a revision procedure in order to address complications. Revisions are also performed because of lifestyle or preference changes, since people’s tastes can change over time. The purpose of a revision procedure is to swap out old implants for new ones, whether to simply put in newer models or to further alter the breasts’ appearance by changing their size or shape. Since this is a procedure with significant impact on a person’s body—and even emotional and mental health—here’s how you can find the right surgeon for your breast revision in Tennessee.

Make Sure They’re Board-Certified

There’s always a risk of complications with any kind of surgery, but the best way of ensuring that your surgery is safe—and that you achieve the most satisfying results possible—is to start with research. Look into board-certified plastic surgeons, and be sure to read their CVs and bios to learn about their education, training, and qualifications. This is especially the case for breast revisions, as not every doctor who offers breast augmentation is also experienced in replacing implants while ensuring that the results are aesthetically pleasing.

When surgeons are board-certified—such as with the American Board of Plastic Surgery—it means that they’ve been through many years of specific training, successfully passed exams, demonstrated their expertise in the field, and met very strict standards for care, safety, and ethics. Ask your doctor about board certification when you meet, or call and confirm in advance of your consultation.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon

Any additional breast surgery after your first augmentation procedure is more complex and difficult for surgeons, as the implants can cause anatomical changes like stretched tissues and scar tissue. For this reason, it’s important to choose a surgeon who knows what they’re doing.

Research has shown that patients generally have better results from doctors who are more experienced, so it’s important to find out how often your doctor has performed breast revision surgery specifically, and whether they have specialized training in it.

Have a Good Rapport

Dissatisfaction with results is often due to lack of communication between a patient and surgeon, or to unrealistic expectations from the patient. Choose someone you can talk to openly and honestly, so you can be sure your needs and goals are being understood.

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