Breast Enhancement Revision in Nashville

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If your breast enhancement results fell short of your goals, you can achieve the shape you wanted all along by choosing Dr. Unger. He is internationally recognized in advanced breast enhancement procedures such as secondary breast augmentation and reconstruction, and offers Nashville women a full range of approaches for pleasing results.

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From small problems to the most challenging, our surgeons are considered the "Last Word" in revisionary breast surgery. Learn more about our extensive experience when you Request a consultation or contact our offices by phone at 615.932.7700.

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jacob Unger on Breast Revision Surgery

*Individual patient results may vary.

The artistry, skill, and experience in breast surgery of our surgeons have led to the creation of the “Bioengineered Breast” concept combining various new approaches to solve some of the world’s most challenging breast problems.

Many patients who have had breast procedures at other plastic surgery practices are not satisfied with their results. Whether complications occurred during or after surgery or their aesthetic needs simply were not met, every patient deserves to be happy with their breasts. To correct the results of a previous breast procedure, Dr. Unger offers breast revision.

Dr. Unger on Breast Revision Surgery

Your first step is a consultation with Dr. Unger. During your consultation, the two of you will discuss your breast revision needs and goals. 3-D Imaging analysis may be employed in order to get the best idea of your exact situation. Dr. Unger will recommend the optimal course of treatment and will walk you through every step of it.

We frequently utilize Dr. Maxwell’s original “Bioengineered Breast” approach to breast revision. This may involve a variety of revision techniques, including fat grafting, regenerative matrix material, and creation of a neopectoral pocket in the tissue. Form-stable gummy bear breast implants may be used, along with specialized techniques to minimize the appearance of post-surgical marks. The patient will either be under general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia.

Dr. Jacob Ungers bioengineered breast revision is a two-stage process involving acellular dermal matrix, and implant, and fat transfer for successful breast revision in Nashville.

A “bioengineered” breast revision, developed by Nashville’s Dr. Jacob Unger, aims to re-create the look and feel of a natural breast by using an acellular dermal matrix as “scaffolding” in the upper and lower portions of the breast, the insertion of an appropriate implant, and fat grafting. This advanced two-stage technique can restore feminine contours and confidence to women who have experienced complications after a previous augmentation procedure or who want a new look after years with the same implants.

Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast implants can cause numerous issues with the breasts. Breast asymmetry, capsular contracture (tightened scar tissue around the implant), rippling, and double bubble malformation are all problems that may stem from a previous breast augmentation procedure.

Implant drift or deflation may have occurred; these implants may need to be either surgically repositioned or replaced. Older types of implants can often be replaced with the newer gummy bear implants.

Some patients may feel that the aesthetic results of a previous breast augmentation were not what they were hoping for. For these patients, larger or smaller breast implants can be used in breast augmentation revision.

Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Revision

While the breast lift and breast reduction procedures often have separate goals – perkier breasts and lighter breasts, respectively – they both involve removal of tissue from the breasts. They also change the overall shape of the breasts.

Too much or too little tissue may have been removed during the procedure, leading to results that did not match the patient’s aesthetic goals. When the position, volume, or shape of your breasts is not to your liking after these surgeries, Dr. Unger will be happy to provide breast lift or breast reduction revision surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Revision

For those cases where a plastic surgeon has performed breast reconstruction that is not to a patient’s liking, Dr. Unger and offer breast reconstruction revision. The ability to precisely and safely revise the results of an already extremely complex procedure is not found in just any plastic surgeon. Dr. Unger’s high degree of skill and experience makes him the perfect choice for such a procedure.

Post-Operative Care

Once your breast revision is complete, Dr. Unger will recommend various post-operative care practices based on the specifics of your procedure. Generally, you will be able to go back to your daily schedule in around a week after the date of surgery. In around one month, you should be recovered and ready to enjoy your results.


Find out more about our numerous breast revision options by contacting our office for a consultation with Dr. Unger.

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Breast Enhancement Revision Can:

  • Reposition implants that have shifted position over time
  • Remove scar tissue that has contracted around an implant
  • Replace deflated or outdated implants with shapely, more natural-feeling ones
  • Enhance the results of a previous breast enhancement procedure
  • Correct another surgeon’s failed procedure

Planning Your Procedure

Dr. Unger understands the hopes, expectations, and possible disappointments from your previous procedure or procedures. He likewise understands the hope and expectation you bring to your consultation with him. Using his extensive world-renown experience in breast surgery, his empathy and commitment, and his artistic eye, and in some cases with the help of 4-D Imaging analysis, Dr. Unger will carefully address your particular challenges and concerns.

He will also discuss your findings and objectives with you thoroughly before he offers specific guidance on how you can meet your goals through a revisionary cosmetic surgery procedure such as:

  • Revision breast augmentation: NPSI is internationally recognized for skill in replacing and revising breast implants that are positioned asymmetrically, have developed excessive scar tissue, or shifted position over time. We also perform breast augmentation revision to replace traditional saline implants or older silicone implants with the newer and more natural-feeling “teardrop,” form-stable, or “Gummy Bear” implants. Beyond this, we are uniquely experienced and possess internationally recognized skill in treating other surgeon’s patients who have experienced multiple failed breast aesthetic procedures that tend to create thinned, stretched skin with wrinkle problems, “bottoming out” or other implant malposition problems such as “double bubble” deformity, symmastia, or severe and multiply recurrent capsular contracture problems.
  • To help patients correct these severe conditions Dr. Maxwell (since retired from NPSI) developed the “Bioengineered Breast” approach incorporating individually selected implants, regenerative materials, and fat grafting along with tissue-specific pocket maneuvers he has developed to create more exact results. Using his approach we are frequently able to create a new surgical space such as the “neopectoral pocket” (another technique he originated) into which he places a form-stable “Tear Drop” or “Gummy Bear” implant (which he developed with Allergan); adds a regenerative matrix material as a tissue “thickener,” implant stabilizer, or capsule deterrent; and refines the results with fat injections. Successful clinical outcomes utilizing this approach to help correct particularly challenging problems have gained NPSI many international referrals for revision breast augmentation.
  • Mastopexy and reduction: Sometimes, a patient may feel her previous surgeon removed too much or too little tissue, or she may be unhappy with how weight and tissue changes have stretched her skin. She may also have had problems with another surgeon’s breast lift procedure that compromised the position of her implant, or her implant has caused her breasts to sag severely, requiring surgical correction. These conditions also vary from straightforward to more challenging, and require a surgeon to combine the necessary steps to solution into a surgical procedure plan. The clinical outcomes produced in these challenging situations have also led to many international referrals for our practice. Our surgeons are sensitive to the concerns of all patients, no matter how large or small the problem, and can help you find a more flattering breast volume, shape, and position through revision breast lift.
  • Breast reconstruction: This highly complex procedure requires a particularly advanced level of skill, and Dr. Unger has years of experience creating beautiful results for a wide range of secondary breast reconstruction patients.

Dr. Unger is recognized internationally for his exceptional surgical skills and natural-looking results. He uses special techniques to minimize scarring, and will be happy to help you understand what to expect at each stage of your procedure.

Breast Revision Surgery and Results

Before your procedure, you will meet with Dr. Unger, and his experienced, helpful staff to answer any follow-up questions about your surgery. Many of these procedures will be performed in the NPSI OR Suite located in our private clinic; others will be performed in nearby Baptist Hospital or Baptist Surgical Outpatient Center (Surgicare). Hotels are conveniently located for out-of-town patients.

Breast revision is performed under general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia. The typical breast augmentation revision patient returns to everyday activities within a week, and feels fully recovered within about a month.

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Dr. Jacob Unger is a board-certified plastic surgeon committed to superior outcomes and building vital relationships with each patient. He takes every step to improve the patient experience, from the first consultation through enjoying long-term transformative results. Discover what sets our skilled and experienced team apart.


Dr. Jacob

Dr. Jacob Unger is a board-certified plastic surgeon committed to superior outcomes and building vital relationships with each patient. He takes every step to improve the patient experience, from the first consultation through enjoying long-term transformative results. Discover what sets our skilled and experienced team apart.