We all want lush, beautiful lips. These days, there are plenty of cosmetic treatments to enhance the natural look of lips in a subtle way. JUVEDERM® for lip injections in Nashville represents one of the trendiest aesthetic treatments at the moment—in the area and throughout the country. But with a seeming crowd of different medical spas, clinics, and doctors offering to perform these treatments, how do you know who to trust? Experts advise staying away from providers offering deep online discounts that seem too good to be true, unlicensed injectors, and people who perform fillers in a less-than-desirable setting, hygiene wise. This includes private homes! Because both your beauty and your health are at stake, it’s critical that you look for a highly qualified provider.

Reducing the Risk of Complications

Many people assume that because fillers are quick, non-surgical, and such a common, “lunchtime” procedure, it means that they don’t have to worry as much about where they get their treatments done. However, unlike most facials and other purely cosmetic options offered by spas, fillers are a medical procedure.

The injections are generally low risk, but there are real and serious side effects associated with them, including infections, nodules, blood vessel injuries, and more if the treatment is not administered properly. To minimize risk, it’s best to always go with a highly experienced, well-trained, and licensed medical professional who performs lip injections in a medical setting. If you have a reaction to any of the ingredients in a hyaluronic acid filler, for example—a rare possibility—a trained professional is better able to quickly handle the situation.

Optimal Aesthetic Results

Juvederm® and other filler injections may seem simple, but the lips are tricky to inject. In addition to presenting greater health risks, going to a non-professional for lip fillers can lead to less-than-satisfactory aesthetic results. The overly exaggerated “duck lips” that some people are fearful of getting are caused by fillers being placed incorrectly. Additionally, you can end up with lumps, bumps, and asymmetry if the filler is placed too superficially or the wrong type is used. Although there’s no way to completely prevent potential problems, going to a provider who doesn’t truly know what they’re doing will increase the risk of significant bruising, poor results, and more.

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