Enjoy Beautiful Results More Quickly from a Versatile Fractional CO2 Laser in Nashville


There are skin rejuvenating laser treatments, and then there is SMARTLase CO2. Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute brought this advanced device to the practice in 2024, giving patients quick and effective treatments thanks to the fractional CO2 technology. Results include smoother and clearer skin, all with faster healing times than possible with some other lasers.



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What Is SMARTLase CO2?

Simply put, SMARTLase CO2 is a smart laser. The computer-controlled device uses a “micro-ablative” technique that involves applying hundreds of areas of dermal optical thermolysis (or DOT) to the skin in less than a second via DEKA DOT’s precise and controlled SMARTpulse technology. Each of these microscopic areas is intensely heated, which prompts a natural healing response. There is no lingering heat, so there is no related peripheral damage. The area around each DOT point is left intact, which means there is less tissue to heal. The result is a beautiful blend of effectiveness and efficiency. The heat-damaged micro-zones reduce pigmentation irregularities while triggering collagen and elastin production, which ultimately improves the overall look of the skin.

The versatile SMARTLase CO2 treatment can be kept on its lowest setting for quick treatment and rapid healing, or “turned up” for a fully ablative session. That means the entire surface of the skin in the treatment area will be removed, which requires a bit longer for healing times, but also yields more dramatic results. The choice is yours!

What Can SMARTLase CO2 Treat?

SMARTLase CO2 is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their overall skin quality. The general improvements thanks to increased collagen and elastin production help the skin to feel smoother, look clearer, and have a healthy glow or radiance.

The SMARTLase CO2 device can also be used to target specific cosmetic concerns. The DEKA DOT’s SMARTpulse technology can treat wrinkles, age spots and other hyperpigmentation, and even acne scars.

What Is the SMARTLase CO2 Experience at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute?

We work with every patient to minimize discomfort and maximize results. The SMARTLase CO2 device is equipped with technology that makes treatments as comfortable as possible, and we will work directly with you to further the experience based on your customized treatment intensity and unique comfort levels. A numbing cream may be requested if desired.

Because the device is so efficient, treatment sessions can be completed in as little as 30 minutes!

What Happens After a SMARTLase CO2 Session?

Treated skin will tend to have sunburn-like characteristics for a day or two after the session. Be sure to protect it from ultraviolet radiation exposure to prevent damage.

Your skin will begin to appear healthier and younger-looking, with improved tone, within a few days. As the skin continues to heal and collagen levels rise, the smoother and clearer look will become increasingly visible. This process can take weeks. Be sure to keep your skin properly hydrated throughout this time.

Multiple treatments may be recommended to effectively treat dark spots and deeper wrinkles. Progressive improvements can continue for months.

What Other Laser Treatments Are Available?

Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute also offers laser hair removal and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments for patients, in addition to other non-surgical treatments that rejuvenate the skin. Morpheus8 RF microneedling creates skin-enhancing channels for a similarly fractional approach to collagen induction, while chemical peels remove the outermost skin layer for full exfoliation and beautiful results. The best approach for you will depend on a range of factors, all of which we can discuss at a personalized consultation.


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