Patients frequently ask us: “What are the benefits of breast augmentation?” Our Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute team believes breast augmentation can be a life-changing procedure ideal for the right person. This is a highly customizable surgery that not only provides a natural-looking enhancement for the bust, but also improves overall body contours.

While surgery can be a major step for many women, it is meant to be a positive one. Patients who naturally have smaller or asymmetrical breasts, or those who have lost volume in the breasts due to pregnancy, aging, or weight fluctuations often decide that breast implants can provide the changes they are seeking. The surgical procedure is designed to make the breasts larger, fuller, and more symmetrical.

In this post, we explore five of the main reasons why people opt for breast augmentation.

Boost Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

For many people, having small or asymmetrical breasts is a body image issue. They may be unhappy about their bodies and wish to enhance their breasts. Many women who have had breast augmentation surgery report a significant increase in self-confidence.

Enjoy New Clothing Options

Another reason so many patients opt for breast augmentation is because they want to look better in clothes and bathing suits. When they look in the mirror after breast augmentation, they may feel like their silhouette looks more like how it’s “supposed to look.” Outfits tend to fit better when clothes shopping as well.

Restore Volume Where You Want It After Weight Loss

Although weight loss can have many benefits and enhance your overall body shape, it can also unfortunately sometimes cause the breasts to become flattened due to volume loss. Breast implants restore lost volume, while a breast lift can address sagging.

Improve Overall Body Proportions

In addition to enhancing the size and shape of the breasts themselves, implants can make breasts appear more in proportion with the rest of the body. For pear-shaped women, implants can help to achieve more of a classic, hourglass body shape. Women who naturally have a slender physique can enjoy more feminine, softer curves with implants. Those with apple-shaped bodies can achieve fuller breasts.

What benefits could you enjoy from breast augmentation? Contact our team at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute for more information about how breast implants can enhance your curves. Call 615.932.7700, or fill out a contact form to request a consultation if you’re interested in learning more.