Laser Hair Removal

Target Follicles to Reduce Unwanted Hair with DiolazeXL in Nashville, TN


At NPSI, we offer advanced laser hair removal for Nashville-area women and men. Many of the traditional methods for hair removal—such as shaving, creams, waxing, and bleaching—can make hair growth worse and also require treatment forever. DiolazeXL laser hair removal addresses hair growth at its core instead of providing a temporary solution, as with most traditional methods. Request a consultation for laser hair removal at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute by reaching out online or calling the office at 615.932.7700 today.


What is DiolazeXL?

DiolazeXL is an advanced laser hair removal device that uses laser energy to remove hair by targeting hair follicles. Treatments with this laser hair removal device are quick and essentially painless due to the fact that it has a large treatment spot size (one of the largest on the market) and a built-in skin-cooling surface. DiolazeXL is one of the most advanced laser hair removal systems, and it targets the most stubborn hair.

How Does DiolazeXL Laser Hair Removal Work?

DiolazeXL laser hair removal works by using laser energy and heat to reduce the growth of unwanted hair. During laser hair removal, DiolazeXL uses a diode laser beam that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy penetrates and heats up the hair follicle (responsible for hair production). This causes controlled damage to the follicle, which inhibits the future growth of hair from the treated area.

Multiple treatments are usually required (four to six sessions) because laser hair removal is most effective when the hair follicles that are targeted are in their mature stage. Hair goes through multiple stages and is in different stages of growth at any given time during each treatment.

What Should I Expect During Laser Hair Removal with DiolazeXL?

Before you began treatment, the area will be cleaned. Numbing gel is applied, and this takes about one to five minutes to begin working. The treatment takes place in a room specifically set up for laser treatments. During the treatment, you will wear protective eyewear.

During the procedure, the skin is treated with a laser. Most patients describe this as a rubber band being snapped against the skin with each pulse, noting that it is virtually painless.

After the treatment, there is usually no prolonged pain or the need for particular aftercare—i.e. any special ointments, restrictions, etc.

Most patients notice a reduction in hair growth right away. Following all of the recommended treatments, the result is smooth, hair-free skin.

What Makes DiolazeXL Laser Hair Removal Different?

  • DiolazeXL laser hair removal is the most advanced hair removal technology on the market. It uses power and waves (pulses) for optimal results and safety.
  • It reduces the amount of time needed to treat due to the size of the treatment probe. This also makes it powerful enough to treat the most stubborn hair, from facial hair to body hair.
  • The built-in cooling system makes it virtually painless.
  • It can be used to treat all skin types.

What Other Laser and Light Treatments Are Available at NPSI?

In addition to hair removal, lasers can be used for laser skin resurfacing. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is not a laser but is a light-based skin rejuvenation treatment that repairs damage caused by time and the sun. Learn more about which option may be best for you.


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