Breast Surgery Procedures

Augmentations, Lifts, Revisions, and More in Nashville

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Unger is known for—and committed to—providing world-class care in breast aesthetics. When it comes to breast surgery at the Nashville-based Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute, he performs procedures ranging from primary breast augmentation, lifts, and reductions to breast reconstruction for congenital deformities and mastectomies from breast cancer treatment.

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Lets Talk About Breast Rejuvenation

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The breast surgery patients choosing Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute cite a wide variety of reasons for undergoing their procedures, but some of the most common goals include achieving a more flattering contour; reversing the negative effects of pregnancy, weight loss, or aging on breast shape; correcting hereditary traits that impact breast size or position; revising the disappointing effects of another surgeon’s procedure or procedures; and enhancing self-esteem and confidence.


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Our physicians at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute offer several breast surgery options, including:


Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation creates a fuller and better-proportioned breast shape using breast implants. Post-pregnancy and post-weight-loss patients will often combine this procedure with another breast surgery, such as a lift, to maximize their results, but it can be performed on its own. A range of implants is available, so the augmentation will be customized to the patient—not just for size, but for shape, the location of the incisions, the positioning of the implants in the breast pocket, and more.

Revisional Breast Surgery

Our physicians draw patients to Nashville from all over the United States and around the world for revisional breast enhancement surgery to correct disappointing results or address particularly challenging cases and asymmetries. No woman has to live with a dissatisfying look. Fellow surgeons and past patients highly respect their work and refer women to the practice for secondary (revisional) breast enhancement to correct problems or disappointments due to previous breast surgery procedures performed elsewhere.

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*Individual results may vary.


Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift removes excess skin and tissue to create a higher, firmer, perkier breast contour. Women wanting to restore their shape after pregnancy or weight loss often combine a lift with reduction or augmentation, though—like the other breast surgery options here—it can be done as a solo procedure. Remember that a lift does not add volume; it addresses sagging and drooping to create a perkier-looking breast. This breast surgery may also involve repositioning the nipples to a higher position on the chest.

Breast Reconstruction

As an experienced plastic surgeon in the field of breast restoration, Dr. Unger performs breast reconstruction procedures with an aim to restore breasts to their typical shape, appearance, and size and reverse the effects of mastectomy, trauma, or congenital breast deformities. This breast surgery may involve augmentation and other techniques, such as fat grafting, designed to create a natural look of proportion and symmetry.


Also known as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction is a breast surgery that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve a more proportionate breast size and alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. A reduction removes excess volume and also lifts the breast and nipple to a higher position on the chest. Not only can big breasts exert a constant pull on the upper half of the body, they can strain against bras and other articles of clothing, as well as cause straps to press into the skin.

Mommy Makeover

Multiple breast (and body) procedures can be combined to address the effects that pregnancy, birth, and nursing have on a woman’s body. A Mommy Makeover may include breast surgery such as augmentation or reduction to improve symmetry and balance, lifts to reduce sagging, fat reduction, and more. The ultimate goal is to create contours more in line with a woman’s pre-baby look.


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Fat Transfer

Also known as fat grafting, this procedure involves the careful removal of living fat cells from one area of the body that has a significant amount. These cells are processed, then injected into the breasts to add a modest amount of volume. This breast surgery technique is particularly useful for reconstruction procedures, as it can be used on its own or in tandem with an implant to refine the results.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Male breast reduction is different from volume reduction procedures for women since the ultimate goal for the look of the chest is a flatter, more masculine contour. Gynecomastia causes boys or men to develop breast tissue. The condition is not uncommon, and it frequently resolves on its own as hormone levels even out after puberty and other times of change. In cases where significant breast tissue remains, breast surgery can help.

Breast Surgery for Asymmetry Correction

Many of the surgical techniques available at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute can be applied to breast asymmetry correction. While some asymmetry is to be expected in every pair of breasts, a large disparity can be visible and even cause clothes to not fit as well as they should. Correction with breast surgery can involve making adjustments to one breast’s size and position so that the left matches the right.