Breast Asymmetry Correction

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Dr. Unger’s skill in breast augmentation and Nashville breast asymmetry correction has earned him a dedicated following of patients from the US and across the globe.

body contouring

Following the teachings of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Maxwell and his clinical studies using 4-D Imaging have shown that all women experience some type of asymmetry, but while light, subtle differences between breasts are normal.  Dr. Unger demonstrates this, and how these subtleties may impact surgical planning to achieve your desired goals.

When family traits, changes during pregnancy, or trauma have left your breasts looking dramatically different from each other, this imbalanced shape can damage your self-confidence and sense of wellbeing, but Dr. Unger is highly skilled and experienced in evaluating and treating these conditions.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Can:

  • Restore a more even shape, volume, and position to the breast mound
  • Refine the shape and dimensions of the breasts
  • Address discrepancies in the position of the nipple or breast crease
  • Correct imbalances resulting from mastectomy, family traits, physical trauma, or another surgeon’s unsuccessful surgery
  • Help make activities like clothes shopping more enjoyable


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Planning Your Procedure

Dr. Unger’s patients benefit significantly from the teachings of Dr. Maxwell (since retired from NPSI) as the inventor/creator of the most advanced 4-D Breast Imaging System available, the designer of the newest line of form-stable “teardrop” implants (The Natrelle 410 or ” Gummy Bear Implant,” as well as the entire “Natrelle Collection” of implants), and an innovator in effective new breast enhancement techniques. The surgeons at NPSI are uniquely skilled and experienced to offer procedures with special attention to both aesthetic appeal and surgical precision.

Each breast asymmetry patient in Nashville is unique, so Dr. Unger will carefully examine your medical history, your current breast shape, and your desires before recommending a specific, personalized approach focused on your goals in order to help you plan a procedure that creates the appearance you want.

Typical choices involved in breast asymmetry correction include:

  • Implant type and placement: Dr. Maxwell’s (since retired from NPSI) extensive experience in the design, development, and clinical use of breast implants for breast asymmetry correction, enables him to choose from the entire collection of available breast implants (saline, standard silicone gel implants, or form-stable (“teardrop” or “Gummy Bear”) silicone gel implants. Dr. Unger's analysis will help determine not only which implant best “fits” your situation, but also what incision and technique are best for your individual needs. In your consultation, they will outline the benefits and trade-offs of each option before you make the right personal decision unique to you and your body.
  • Combination approaches: Due to the many variations of breast asymmetries, some require a more complex approach to achieve satisfying results. In some cases, implants with slight or greater size or shape differences may achieve the desired results. In other cases, it will be necessary to reposition the nipple, refine the areola, or adjust the position of the breast mound through breast lift which may also include an enlargement as well.
  • Special considerations: Some women are born with breasts that never develop, chest muscles that are missing, or chest bone shapes that are uneven and unsightly. This can become a physical and emotional burden during the teenage years when breasts are normally developing. Childhood surgical procedures or trauma can also keep breasts from developing normally, and for mature women, disease or cancer can result in partial or total breast removal and possible negative changes from radiation treatment. Reconstructing the breast mound after breast cancer or other conditions requires the highest levels of care and skill. Dr. Unger, world authorities in this area, offer breast reconstruction in Nashville, TN using the world’s most sophisticated techniques, customized to your specific needs, desires, and personal situation. After careful analysis of your condition, he will be happy to recommend an approach designed specifically to fit your goals. Dr. Unger utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and facilities for each of the procedures so that the patients can rest assured that their safety and results are the utmost priority. Many of these procedures will be performed in the NPSI OR Suite located in his private clinic. Others will be performed at nearby Baptist Hospital or Baptist Surgical Outpatient Center (Surgicare) . Hotels are conveniently located for out-of-town patients.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery and Results

Dr. Unger will take the time to address any concerns thoroughly before your surgery, but his knowledgeable, experienced staff will also meet with you before your procedure to verify that you understand what to expect. Breast asymmetry correction is performed at NPSI’s dedicated surgical center with the help of highly trained staff, who are also thoroughly experienced in post-surgical care.

Most breast asymmetry correction patients spend under an hour in surgery, although Dr. Unger may require additional time to refine particularly involved combination procedures. Depending on their procedure and healing abilities, most patients return to typical activities within two weeks, and any scarring will fade gradually over the following months.