Body Lift & Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery in Nashville


Weight loss helps both women and men accomplish their goals for a healthier lifestyle, but in some cases, your new habits may not be quite enough to create the smooth, toned physique you were hoping for. If loose skin and tissues create physical or emotional discomfort that prevents you from enjoying your slim new shape as fully as you would like, a post-bariatric plastic surgery procedure in Nashville, TN, is typically the most effective solution.


Dr. Unger has earned extensive accolades and an international clientele for his innovative and accurate surgical approaches.

A Body Lift Can:

  • Reshape the hips, abdomen, back, buttocks, flanks, and thighs in one procedure
  • Alleviate the rashes and emotional discomfort associated with excess skin
  • Create a tighter, more flattering and toned-looking physique
  • Help restore body image and self-confidence after significant weight loss

Planning Your Procedure

Trusted by top-tier surgeons for his advanced surgical skills and sense of aesthetic balance. Dr. Unger understands the questions and concerns of post-bariatric plastic surgery patients. Dr. Unger will carefully and thoroughly evaluate your shape and health history before they make a recommendation to meet your needs.


Learn more about the benefits of body lift and other post weight loss plastic surgery options in Nashville, TN when you Request a consultation with Dr. Unger online or contact by phone at 615.932.7700.

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In most cases, body lift focuses mainly on removing loose excess skin and creating a tighter body shape, but the reality is that most patients require a more tailored approach that will include aspects of one or more other procedures. The basic approaches to body lift include:

  • Body lift alone: Most appropriate for younger patients who are not experiencing residual pockets of diet-resistant fat or “belly flab” from overstretched abdominal muscles, this approach requires Dr. Unger to remove loose skin along multiple incisions before suturing them closed.
  • Body lift with liposuction: Loose skin is an unwelcome reminder of past weight problems, and for many patients, isolated areas of diet-resistant fat only add to the problem. For smoother, firmer results Dr. Unger may recommend you also receive liposuction to remove fat from problem spots such as the hips, flanks, pubic area, or abdomen.
  • Body lift with tummy tuck: One of the most common post-weight loss plastic surgery procedures patients receive, a body lift with the tummy tuck, or a “circumferential abdominoplasty,” creates extensive improvements to the entire lower body in one procedure. By extending the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) incision around the body, Dr. Unger can smooth the hips, flanks, buttocks, and upper thighs at the same time as he re-tightens loose abdominal muscles.

As a plastic surgeon highly experienced in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery techniques for an extensive range of breast enhancements, Dr. Unger is also uniquely qualified in combining body lift with a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both.

Body Lift Surgery and Results

Your safety, surgical success, and comfort are the top priorities for Dr. Unger, and his highly trained staff are committed to providing the highest quality of surgical care. They will meet with you before your procedure to address any follow-up questions and clarify any details about your recovery before you head to surgery.

Body lift is performed under general anesthesia in fully-equipped, state-of-the-art surgical facilities at either NPSI’s specially designed surgical suite, or the Baptist Outpatient Surgery Center (Surgicare) a few blocks away. For out-of-town patients, hotels are also conveniently located nearby.

Safety and precision are the hallmarks of each of Dr. Unger’s surgeries, so he will take the necessary time to achieve quality results. Your procedure time will depend on the extent and nature of the treatment area, but body lift typically takes 3-7 hours to perform. Recovery may take over a month, though most of Dr. Unger’s weight loss plastic surgery patients are comfortable getting back to most daily activities within about two weeks.

Body lift involves extensive adjustments, so patients should expect to experience some permanent scarring, though incision sites will fade significantly within the first year. Dr. Unger’s skills do allow him to minimize scarring significantly, and for most patients, the many benefits of this procedure far outweigh this more minor concern.