Ever thought about going smaller or bigger after you’ve had breast surgery? Research shows that the majority of breast augmentation patients are pleased about their results—but some years later, they may choose to have an additional procedure, whether because their aesthetic preferences have changed, they need a breast lift, or they have a desire to switch to a different size, texture, or type of implant. Renowned dancer, singer, television personality, and global superstar Paula Abdul is one of thousands of patients who has chosen to undergo breast revision. In an interview with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Unger, she expressed her excitement about having the procedure. During the breast revision surgery, Nashville-based Dr. Unger may swap her old implants for new ones that are smaller, but his main goal will be re-shaping the breasts to “get the best overall shape and contour to match your frame,” he explained.

Paula told Dr. Unger that she had originally had her breast implants put in around two decades ago and described her main motivations behind having secondary surgery. She felt that her implants were the wrong size for her small frame and the added weight of the implants was making it difficult for her when dancing, so she chose to have them removed.

“The more I was dancing, the harder it was getting on my back,” she explained, “and as the years go by, gravity happens too, and I just always felt like [they were] a little too big for my frame, and I wanted to get the old implants out.”

Implants are tough devices, but they aren’t designed to last a lifetime. Also, consider that the surrounding breast tissue may also be affected by gravity and biological aging. Breast revision surgery, which is tailored to each patient’s unique goals, is performed as a way of switching older breast implants for new implants, to enhance the appearance of the breasts, or to make other changes. Before deciding to have this procedure, it’s always best to meet up for an in-person consultation with a board-certified surgeon, as Paula Abdul did with Dr. Unger.

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