You’ve just lost a significant amount of weight through weight loss surgery, you’ve dropped a few clothing sizes, and you’re happy with your higher energy levels and sleeker body shape. You can’t wait to show off your new look, and you feel motivated to get back to the gym to maintain it. The only problem is the hanging skin on your lower stomach area that gets in the way. This loose, extra tissue is a common result of rapid weight loss through bariatric surgery. It often causes patients to feel self-conscious about their appearance, and it increases the chance of rashes and infections. This can be one of the biggest challenges after weight loss, but an abdominoplasty from our Nashville-based surgeons at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute may be the most effective way of solving the issue.

For lifting procedures, plastic surgeons prefer to work with patients who are already close to their ideal weight. When you lose a small to moderate amount of weight on your own through your own efforts, it’s likely that your skin will simply retract around your slimmer contours. However, when someone loses a large amount of weight very quickly—such as more 100 pounds—their skin doesn’t have enough time to “tighten back up,” and they may be left with heavy skin folds. Exercise won’t improve this permanently stretched-out skin.

The goal of tummy tuck surgery is to remove unwanted excess skin and possibly some stubborn fat from the belly area, while tightening the remaining skin to create a flatter appearance. In some cases, the surgery also involves repairing weakened, protruding sit-up muscles in the middle of the abdomen. This improves your shape, giving you a more proportional look to match the rest of your figure. It also makes it easier for you to sculpt your core muscles in the future through exercise.

You might not want to rush into having a tummy tuck right away after weight loss, because it’s important to give yourself several months to stabilize and ensure that you’re maintaining your new weight through sustainable lifestyle changes, like regular exercise and healthy eating.

Will an abdominoplasty help you achieve your body goals after weight loss? Our Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute physicians can guide you through the decision-making process for this procedure to help you discover whether if would be appropriate for you. Give us a call at 615-932-7700 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.