They’re called “worry lines” for a reason. Maybe it’s because worry is the first emotion that hits us when we start to notice the first signs of aging above the brows? Horizontal forehead wrinkles are one of the most common reasons why patients seek out BOTOX® in Nashville.

People who have animated faces and are used to making certain expressions often—such as moving their eyebrows up and down—are more prone to developing forehead lines. This is because whenever you contract your frontalis muscle (the muscle that covers the forehead) to make a surprised or worried expression, the skin is pulled up with the muscle, which causes grooves to form over time. These appear as horizontal lines and are one of three FDA-approved conditions that BOTOX® can treat.

Skin is elastic, but only to a certain point, and when it starts to thin out from aging, it can’t snap back into its resting position as easily as it did in a person’s younger years. Genetics, internal stress due to difficult life situations, and sun damage could also be contributing to the formation of forehead creases. Men usually have more pronounced forehead wrinkles compared to women, due a different in muscle makeup.

Our experienced injectors are able to soften these lines in a subtle looking way, without making the forehead appear unnatural. Even so, here’s what you should know before having a BOTOX® treatment for forehead lines:

It’s important to point out that neuromodulators don’t act the same way as fillers do. Instead of actually filling the empty spaces where the skin has lost volume, BOTOX® targets the root source of forehead wrinkles: the underlying facial muscles. The injectable is derived from a natural organism found in the environment and contains small, diluted amounts of botulinum toxin. When injected directly into the facial muscles, it relaxes them so that they don’t pull the skin into folds every time the eyebrows are raised the skin as much. Usually between 10 to 30 units are used for this area of the face. You’ll be able to move your face during expressions, but the skin will appear smoother and softer.

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