One of the most challenging aspects of breast augmentation is determining the size and shape of breast implants that will fit your body, as well as give you the result you desire. Patients always want to know “How will I look?”. Now, it is possible for you to actual visualize your anticipated final form with specific breast implants.  Working with engineers and software experts in Silicon Valley, Dr. Maxwell has invented and developed a state-of-the-art 4-D Imaging System that is the most advanced in aesthetic surgery.

In addition to designing breast implants used today (Natrelle collection from Allergan), Dr. Maxwell pioneered current concepts used in breast analysis and aesthetic enhancement years ago, when he developed the “Biodimensional System, ” utilizing breast measurements, implant dimensions and tissue analysis to better plan breast augmentation and reconstruction. The new 4-D imaging system he is now introducing, better known as “Precision Light Breast Analysis”, sets a new standard in the breast aesthetic consultation. Now, you can see how YOU will look with specific implants! While this is not to be implied as a warranty of the surgical result, it does provide a visual communication aid for you to give Dr. Maxwell, allowing you to participate visually and actively in decisions that will affect your own body. In fact, the overwhelming satisfaction of patients who have utilized this system has led them to ask: “How did plastic surgeons do breast augmentation consultations before this system was developed?”

In addition to outcome simulations, the “Precision Light” 4-D Imaging System captures all breast measurements, volume analysis, and bone contour irregularities, enabling better surgical planning, to produce better outcomes.

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Dr. Pat Maxwell