Aging undoubtably means changes to the shape and structure of the face in subtle—and sometimes more dramatic—ways. Our skin gets thinner and loses elasticity over time, but that’s not the only aspect of the face that is altered. The underlying bones, muscles, and fat also go through changes. What may start off as a youthful-looking face shape with high cheekbones, full cheeks, and a sleek jawline becomes inverted as the cheeks become thinner and flatter while skin and fat descend to the lower face. When this happens, is it better to have a facelift or fillers? Our Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute team can recommend the best type of procedure for you based on your unique goals, so it’s not necessary for you to choose an approach right away.

We will work with you to help you decide on a plan, but it can be helpful to understand the differences between the two options so that you can start figuring out which might appeal to you more.

There are many different treatments that patients can consider for rejuvenating the skin and “undoing” the effects of gravity. A facelift is the main cosmetic surgery available to reverse these unwanted changes and help patients look years younger. Fillers, on the other hand, are substances that are injected to temporarily plump the tissue beneath the skin and can give it a more lifted appearance or add volume to thinning areas to re-shape the contours of the face.

A facelift is a form of plastic surgery that improves sagging skin around the lower face and jawline area via incisions, tissue manipulation, and suture. Facial tissues are adjusted during the procedure to restore attractive definition. This is often combined with a neck lift to improve loose skin in the neck area, which is one of the first places aging becomes evident.

Fillers are minimally invasive injectable procedures that are lower risk than cosmetic surgery, but they provide more modest results. Individuals who are looking for dramatic changes, have enough time to allow for recovery, and are looking for lasting results are good candidates for facelifts. However, people who want a temporary, reversible treatment that is quicker and involves smaller touch-ups may get more out of facial fillers. Ultimately, fillers won’t provide the same level of significant, drastic improvement in terms of skin tightening that you can get from a facelift.

So is it better to have a facelift or fillers? Our team at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute can answer this and other questions you have about cosmetic treatments during your consultation. Request a one-on-one visit with our team by calling us at 615-932-7700 or filling out a contact form.