Decades ago, very large, over-done, implants were fashionable. Think Baywatch and the trendy look Pamela Anderson popularized. However, when it comes to breast implants, bigger is no longer necessarily assumed to be better. Many patients these days are often more interested in finding a look that is balanced for their frame and fits their lifestyle, or in altering the shape of their breasts in an attractive but subtle way. Although preferences vary, many people no longer want to conform to one particular look or flaunt their surgery with highly exaggerated and fake-looking breasts. It is indeed possible to maintain a natural appearance while still transforming your look in a noticeable way with breast augmentation from our Tennessee-based physicians. Follow these simple steps:

Choose a Certain Implant Type

Not all implants are made the same. Some are firmer or look more like anatomical breasts than others. Generally, silicone is widely considered to be the filling that looks and feels more like real breast tissue, so patients who are concerned about preserving a natural look might prefer a silicone implant.

The implants that feel most like actual breasts might be the more advanced, form-stable “Gummy Bear” devices that we commonly use today. By varying the firmness of the cohesive gels in round implants, we can create a natural, teardrop shape that is heavier at the base is best for making implants look more believable.

Consult a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

It’s critical to have a one-on-one consultation with an experienced surgeon before going through with the procedure. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for breast augmentation, because each patient’s anatomy and goals are different. Your surgeon will take measurements of your breasts and the surrounding features to determine the right implant type for you.

Try Smaller Implants

Plenty of patients want to choose the largest implant size possible, thinking that they’ll regret it if they don’t. However, it can be wise to go with the smallest implant that will still allow you to achieve the look you want. Overly large implants many not only get in the way of an active lifestyle, but could also look more unnatural and lead to sagging.

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