Getting a chance to preview the results of one’s breast augmentation is something that every potential recipient would love. Although there are systems that can simulate what your breast results might look like, they don’t take into account all the factors that affect your results.

Because of this, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Maxwell developed his Precision Light 4-D imaging system, a comprehensive imaging system that benefits both surgeons and patients. The highly advanced system takes multiple photographs of your breasts at every angle and then makes surface measurements, calculates the volume of the area, identifies the different tissue types present, and accounts for your skeletal structure.

Once the image session is complete, you and Dr. Maxwell can makes changes and alterations to get a realistic representation of what various specific changes will do for the appearance of your breasts. When you have settled on your ideal results, Dr. Maxwell will take that information and use it to provide you with the breasts you desire. Contact us to schedule a consultation.