Cosmetic injections are not like getting your hair or nails done!  Be prudent!

States can regulate who can and can’t inject, but just because a person can inject doesn’t mean they should!  Complications can arise, and your injector needs to be aware of how to manage these complications with confidence.

In the state of Tennessee, I would recommend a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or registered nurse to perform your injections.  Your best bet is at a plastic surgery or dermatology office.  These practices usually perform the most volume of cosmetic procedures daily and are well educated on facial anatomy.

Also key things to look for when considering cosmetic injectables:

Does the office offer other cosmetic services other than Botox (i.e. skin care products, chemical peels and/or lasers)?

Is cosmetic treatment an active and frequent part of their practice?  You don’t want to go to an office that just “does it on the side”.

Good input from someone who has a vision for your total appearance is vital.

Also, word of mouth can be a great tool in finding an experienced injector.

I hope this has been educational and relieved some of your anxiety about choosing a reputable facility for your future cosmetic treatments.  Please call for a consultation today 615-932-7700 and visit our website  Click on the MA Skin Center Tab to learn all about our services and wide variety of injectables.

Dr. Pat Maxwell