If you think it always takes crash dieting to fit into that bikini, you can put that theory to rest. Start off with a smart detox. David Kirsch 48HR Detox will prime you for healthy weight loss. Products you’ll need for this cleanse are DK LemonAid 48HR Detox Drink + Thermo Bubbles + Probiotic Balance.

Lay off processed carbs and sugars. Stick to flat-belly foods such as lean and clean protein (chicken, fish, egg whites) and eat plenty of fiber-rich greens. DK stomach-slimming, muscle-making supplements — Protein Plus, Muscle Restore, Energy Bubbles and Thermo Bubbles are a must! They will aid in building lean muscle mass and turning your body into a fat burning machine.

To get the long, sexy sinewy muscles of a dancer, you need a combination of intense cardio to burn fat, along with targeted cardio sculpting exercises, such as those at Pure Barre, to shape and tone. I really like David Kirsch’s relatively new Muscle Restore drink. It has Branched Chain Amino Acids and l-Glutamine in it, along with loads of B6 vitamin. I have personally been drinking it post-workout for the past couple of months and noticed a huge difference in my muscle tone and definition. I was a little hesitant to try it because I wanted to keep a slender looking physique, but I found it seriously improved my body composition, especially when combined with cardio-sculpting exercises.

I cover all my body-toning bases with the 24/7 dimple dashing set of Fat Girl Slim, Fat Girl Sleep and Fat Girl Scrub, by Bliss. For added results, wear the Soledia Silver Wave Shorts with Fat Girl Slim to massage cellulite into submission.

Dr. Pat Maxwell