One of the most common subjects women considering breast augmentation want to discuss concerns the potential lifespan of their implants. Answering questions about how long implants will last is quite complicated. The devices are a long-term solution for altering the size and shape of your breasts, but the truth is that there’s no definite “time” span of how long they will stay intact for individual patients. Implants are considered both safe and durable, but it is important to understand that they aren’t designed to last for a lifetime. For this reason, some patients in Nashville choose breast revision surgery as a way to remove or replace their implants, either to address complications or because they are no longer satisfied with the look of their previous implants.

Implants have a roughly 1 percent chance of rupture after 10 years, with a 1 percent increase in the risk for every year thereafter. It’s common for implants to last 20 years or longer with no problems. It is important, however, to do regular self-checks, attend follow-up appointments to have the implants evaluated, and be aware of tell-tale signs that implants may need replacing.

Some common signs of potential complications include hardening, tightness, pain, tenderness, rippling, and changes in sensation, position, or the general appearance of the breasts. Outright ruptures—such as tears or holes—and deflations are generally rare. These types of problems typically occur in older implants, because of trauma, or due to damage during the initial breast augmentation surgery.

In addition to the risk of complications, there are also aesthetic concerns. Sometimes patients who have breast augmentation at a young age find that, years later, their lifestyle and tastes change, to the point that they no longer want the look that appealed to them in their younger days. Further, mothers my find that with pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, their breasts change, and may droop slightly requiring revisions which may or may not include an implant exchange.

Also, the breasts themselves will naturally change over time due to weight fluctuations, gravity, hormones, and skin aging or damage. Any of these factors can inevitably affect the way the breasts and their implants look and feel.

If you’re thinking of having breast augmentation or revision surgery, any decision should start with a consultation. We can help you develop a customized plan for achieving your goals. The best way to ensure a safe experience and satisfying outcome is to do to your research and choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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