Are you planning to have a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, or another kind of cosmetic treatment in the near future? There’s a lot that goes into shopping around for cosmetic surgery. It’s highly important to choose a surgeon who has the right skills and experience, as this is the best way to ensure your safety and the most satisfying aesthetic results. In addition to having the right credentials, a surgeon should be someone you are comfortable with and can communicate with openly and honestly. If you’re searching for the right Nashville-area plastic surgery practice for a surgical or non-invasive procedure, word of mouth and reviews are critical.

One of the first things many people are likely to do is look up online reviews posted from other patients. Most consumers are influenced by reviews when making purchasing decisions, and it’s the same for the world of plastic surgery.

Online reviews represent a good way of learning about the experiences of other patients who have had similar procedures—but remember that not all reviews are reliable. With that in mind, our Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute team is offering some tips on evaluating reviews for plastic surgeons:

  • Look for Trends

If the practice has lots of reviews and most are positive, this is, of course, a good thing. In other words, don’t be dismayed if there are a few negative reviews. It’s better to read through all types of reviews and identify common themes.

  • Some Reviews Are Misleading

When you’re checking out reviews on patient forums like Google, Yelp, RealSelf, and Facebook, remember that in a lot of cases, those reviews may be based on the patients’ customer service experiences—including the way they were treated by in-office staff—rather than the surgeon’s technical skill and their final results. Read for details to learn more about why they rated a practice or experience the way they did.

  • Beware of Fake Reviews

In some cases, negative reviews aren’t truthful or based on a real experience. They may have been posted by ex-employees, competitors, reputation management companies, or someone who has mistaken the plastic surgery practice for a different one. Such reviews are sometimes written by those who have only had a consultation and haven’t gone through with surgery.

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