Certain breast revision procedures known as “breast explant” involve removing breast implants, as well as any surrounding material, such as silicone, which may have leaked into nearby tissues. These surgeries can also include the removal of uncomfortable, hardened scar tissue. For such involved procedures, it’s always best to choose a highly experienced plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable on reconstructive and revisionary techniques. If you’re considering having a breast revision in the Nashville area, it helps to be fully informed on the options available. Each revisionary surgery is customized for the each individual patient’s needs. Here are three forms of revisionary alternatives we provide at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute:

1.    Revision Breast Augmentation

Standard breast augmentation procedures are performed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts, using implants or fat transfer. Implants aren’t made to last forever, however, and things warranting additional surgery may occur over time. In some cases, a patient may choose to have their implants removed after many years have passed. Breast revisions are often performed when an implant leak has been detected or the natural breast tissue surrounding the implants has changed. We can fix complex problems that occurred due to previous breast augmentations, as well as exchange old implants for improved ones—or even implants with a different style and shape. This secondary surgery may require the breast pocket to be altered.

2.    Mastopexy and Reduction

In other cases, a breast lift or reduction may be necessary for surgical correction if the patient is unhappy with their previous breast surgery. This is also an option for patients whose post-augmentation appearance has changed as they have aged or gone through life events, such as pregnancy or weight changes. A mastopexy (the technical term for a breast lift) and reduction are sometimes performed at the same time as the breast implant revision operation.

3.    Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstructions are performed to re-create the contours of the breasts and restore their natural appearance after one or both of them have been reduced or removed for cancer treatment or due to other causes. This process can be emotionally taxing, and some patients find that the results don’t feel or look as close to natural breasts as they hoped they would. Revision surgeries in these cases typically utilize fat grafting and other techniques to soften the look of breast implants and enhance the appearance.

Interested in breast revision surgery in the Nashville area? We believe you deserve attractive results you can be confident about. Our Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute plastic surgeons will advise you on the best way to address your concerns. Set up a consultation with us today by calling 615-932-7700 or send us your questions.