When patients have breast reconstruction due to an injury or after being treated for cancer with a mastectomy or lumpectomy, they typically go into their surgery with the understanding that it will not be possible for doctors to make their breasts look the way they did before. Reconstructive breast surgery from our Nashville-based Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute team is designed to reconstruct the shape of the breast for a natural look as close to the original as possible.

Losing a breast can be a highly emotional and overwhelming experience for many women. With that in mind, breast reconstruction can be an important step in helping women to feel more like themselves again, and feel whole.

Our doctors strive to implement techniques that make the breasts look as evenly balanced and symmetrical as possible, while also being pleasing and fully customized for the individual goals. The procedure can be done with a flap technique to transfer and re-use the patient’s own tissues, or it may involve an implant. Read on to see simple tips we’ve put together for those who want more satisfying breast reconstruction results:

  1. Combine Surgeries

Having your breast reconstruction surgery performed immediately following the mastectomy is a good way of making the final results appear more realistic. It also decreases the total amount of surgeries you’ll need. This must be coordinated with your entire medical team to ensure it’s the right choice for you, as well as to get the timing right.

  1. Use Certain Implant Types

The “Gummy Bear” silicone implant is a relatively new innovation. As opposed to saline or typical silicone, the device is filled with a thicker, more viscous gel that maintains its shape and isn’t likely to leak in the event of a rupture. Many women prefer this type of filling, as it is believed to look and feel more like real breast tissue. We recommend using these soft, yet cohesive and solid gel devices to create an aesthetically pleasing breast shape with the lowest risk of rippling and wrinkling of the skin envelope that has traditionally been an issue before “gummy bear” implants were available.

  1. Talk to Your Doctor

If having normal-looking contours is your priority, one of the best things you can do is simply communicate that desire with us. We encourage you to ask lots of questions, look at our before-and-after photos, talk to other patients who have had this surgery, and keep yourself as informed as possible so that you can maintain realistic expectations.

  1. Consider Corrective Surgery

Patients who have noticeable size differences after breast surgery or who are unhappy with their reconstructed breasts can have them adjusted at a later date. This is not as convenient, but it is an option for women who find themselves increasingly unhappy with their results, or for those who notice a growing dissimilarity as they heal.

Want to learn more about the basics of reconstructive breast surgery? Get in touch with our Nashville-based team at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute today by calling 615-932-7700 or submitting a contact form online to schedule a consultation.