Breast revision surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgeries that we do at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jacob Unger particularly loves these types of surgeries as they are technically demanding and require a very high level of skill and experience that helps to set him apart from many others. Breast revision surgery runs the gamut of difficulty. It can be more straightforward, such as rejuvenating the breast shape and volume of previously operated on breasts after time or breast feeding have resulted in unwanted changes to the breast. Breast revision surgery can also be more complicated, such as treating patients whom have undergone many breast surgeries and have had issues such as infection or capsular contracture or other complications that may have occurred previously.

How our approach to these complex issues at Maxwell aesthetics in Nashville Tennessee are based upon many of the principles from Dr. Unger’s mentor Dr. Pat Maxwell. Dr. Unger now speaks around the world helping to educate fellow plastic surgeons find a reliable and elegant approach to fixing these challenging cases. Dr. Unger has furthered the work of many of the great surgeons before him by creating algorithmic approaches to treating many different complex issues, while also adding in the latest technologies to help create the best breast shape possible. The new concepts and procedures that Dr. Unger has added are things such as Galaflex dissolving mesh internal bra support systems, fat grafting to the breast both for contouring as well as volume enhancement, and radio frequency energy to create essentially scarless breast lifts and nipple repositioning via a novel system called BreasTite by InMode, that Dr. Unger helped pioneer.

Each patient is a new puzzle that must be solved utilizing all of the various tools and technologies available; starting with expertise in the field, three dimensional imaging platforms, and the latest technologies, implants, and adjunctive procedures available to help give women back their confidence and the breast shape they desire. We are honored to receive patients from around the world, as well as from fellow plastic surgeons whom are not comfortable with many of these cases. We enjoy helping women, especially in these cases where the options seem limited prior to coming to our offices.

If you are someone who has had multiple breast surgeries or has had issues in the past with breast surgeries, with or without breast implants, we encourage you to call us for a consultation to learn more about what your options may be. 615-932-7700