Nonsurgical O-Shot and G-Spot Enhancement

Use Fillers to Increase Sensation in Nashville, TN


Much has been theorized, said, and even joked about in regard to what is often referred to as the “mysterious” G-Spot. An especially sensitive portion of the anterior vagina, this area can be a prime target for sexual arousal in some women.


For this reason, G-Spot enhancement at Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute is an intriguing—and satisfying— treatment. The O-Shot is a similar sensation-enhancing option, but one that focuses on the clitoris as opposed to an internal zone. Because sexual arousal is such a personal subject and experience, our knowledgable team conducts a thorough, private, and discreet consultation with women considering G-Spot enhancement or the O-Shot. The benefits can be rewarding in the right patient, so we work to ensure women understand what the treatment can do, as well as whether they would be a good candidate.

What Does G-Spot Enhancement Involve?

For G-Spot enhancement, we will first perform a physical examination to determine with you the part of your vagina that experiences maximum sensitivity. The spot is typically coin sized, located about one to three inches past the vaginal opening.

Once the G-spot is located, she will introduce a dermal filler to add volume to the area. The idea is that a larger, more sensitive G-spot is more accessible and easier to stimulate.

This nonsurgical treatment is done in the office, with local anesthesia to reduce discomfort. G-Spot enhancement takes only minutes to administer.


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What Makes a Good G-Spot Enhancement Candidate?

Not all women are aroused vaginally. In other words, if you do not already enjoy stimulation in your G-Spot, a G-Spot enhancement may not have much effect on you. It is important to be open and honest in your discussion during your consultation, so we can determine whether the injectable would be a good choice.

For women who would benefit from G-Spot enhancement, it is also important to be sure you are making the choice for your own pleasure and benefit—not to satisfy someone else. Having a thorough understanding of what the G-Spot enhancement can and can’t do, as well as asking any questions necessary to feel comfortable with the decision, will go a long way toward satisfaction with the treatment.

What Happens After G-Spot Enhancement?

Because there is no surgery involved in this treatment, with no incision to heal or sutures to deal with, women who get a G-Spot enhancement treatment can get back to work and other daily activities the day after their session. Vaginal intercourse is allowed after 24 hours, and there are no further restrictions needed.

Women should not be surprised by some mild spotting after their G-Spot enhancement, so wearing a pad is a good choice for the first four to six hours after getting a treatment.

The duration of the results differs from person to person, but the effects can be expected to last between six to nine months. Repeat treatments are usually every six months to a year.

What Does an O-Shot Do?

While G-Spot Enhancement focuses on improving sensation in the anterior vagina, a treatment known as the “O-Shot” focuses on the external clitoral region. First a nutrient-rich injectable is created from concentrated platelets and collagen taken from a patient’s own blood. It is then injected into strategic locations in the vaginal area to promote healthy circulation and intensify sensation. Because this is a tender area, a topical anesthetic is applied to minimize discomfort.

Women can expect some mild spotting for four to six hours after this treatment but can return to work the next day and resume vaginal intercourse after 24 hours. The specific duration of the effects depends on the person, but you can generally expect them to last from four to six months. Women interested in maintaining the results long-term can return for new shots in half a year to a year.

What Other Women’s Health Treatments Does Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute Offer?

In addition to G-Spot enhancement and O-Shots, we also performs vaginal rejuvenation procedures, including vaginoplasty surgery, labiaplasty, labia volume enhancement, and the O-shot. These options can all be included in a Mommy Makeover along with breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, and liposuction to restore the look and feel of a pre-baby body.

Learn more about G-spot enhancement in Nashville, TN. Call Nashville Plastic Surgery Institute at 615.932.7700 or contact us online to inquire about a consultation today!