Plump lips have long been considered an idolized virtue of sensuality. While a rare few are blessed with natural full lips, many of us need a little help to achieve the fullness we desire. There are a number of drug store, cosmetic products on the market today that offer lip plumping solutions- from glosses to overnight creams which often leave your lips tingling and require constant re-apply to achieve any sort of noticeable effect. For those who desire a longer lasting cure, a Lip Enhancement may be best.

Lip enhancement may be performed using a couple of different injectable options. Injectable fillers like Collagen or Restylane can be used. Restylane also is used for other added benefits such as minimizing moderate facial wrinkles, folds and perioral lines such as smoker’s lines, prejowl areas, and to smooth and improve the cheeks and under eye region. Learn more about the benefits of Restylane and contact our office to schedule your consultation today!

Dr. Pat Maxwell