There are several reasons people opt for a Rhinoplasty procedure and these reasons fit mostly into two categories: aesthetic and functional. Men and women dissatisfied in the appearance of their nose due to it being too large, too small, having indentations or bumps, or dissatisfaction with the nostril’s shape and size, fit into the “aesthetic” group. Men and women who have a difficult time breathing through their nose due to various obstructive structural reasons, fit into the “functional” group. It’s not uncommon for a man or woman to have a combination of both functional and aesthetic issues.

Rhinoplasty can resolve most aesthetic and functional issues and has helped countless people achieve the facial harmony and breath function they desire. Check out some of the results these patients of Dr. Unger have achieved! Contact our office today to learn more about Rhinoplasty and to find out if it may be right for you.

Dr. Pat Maxwell