While genetics certainly play a large part in where our bodies naturally gain weight and how stubborn they are in holding on to that weight, there are many options we can still use to create the body we desire. Of course diet and exercise are generally the first method utilized when one wishes to change their body, but what if that doesn’t create the desired results? Liposuction may be a great option for you if you have a specific part of your body that is resistant to your exercise and dieting efforts.

Dr. Unger have helped countless male and female patients achieve the results they desire. Liposuction, it should be noted, is not a weight loss solution, rather it is a surgical procedure to improve a specific are of your body. Liposuction may be performed on virtually any part of the body, but is most commonly used on the abdomen, arms, buttock or thighs. Sometimes Liposuction may be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as abdominoplasty, thigh lift, or breast lift.

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Dr. Pat Maxwell